Strategy and Consular Processing

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The US Embassy in Berlin, Germany

US Embassy Colombo, Sri Lanka

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Strategy and Consular Processing — Analysis, Planning and Preparation, and  Troubleshooting

There is often more than one way to help a prospective visitor to the US obtain a visa to fulfill their purpose, and sometimes it is not one most commonly used.  We begin with a careful analysis of the applicant’s situation, history of interaction with the visa process and purpose for travel.  Then we develop a strategy and assist the client both in pulling together the documentary requirements and preparing for the visa interview.   We offer clients a pre-interview briefing to help them understand the agenda behind the questions they may be asked,  how to manage proactively what is often a brief but very important part of the visa application process.

One of our most popular services is troubleshooting individual visa cases when things do not turn out as planned.  We assist individuals, businesses, and law firms with clients who are having difficulties obtaining the visas they need.  Consular processing–the adjudication of visas by U.S. consular officials working in our embassies and consulates–involves not only consular personnel at US embassies abroad.  Since administration of the Immigration and Nationality Act is divided between the Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), one must be prepared to interact with all of the relevant actors.  There is sometimes regular back and forth both between these agencies and between officials in the US and those at our embassies abroad, particularly on difficult or challenging cases.  It is a complex process we have mastered over years serving in various embassies abroad and within the Department of State, and practicing immigration law in the US and the UK.