for Attorneys

Consular Processing—Turning the Visa Interview into a Positive Experience

Consular processing is the Achilles Heel of many law practices. The best preparation and legal research can be in vain if the applicant has a poor visa interview. Understanding what is actually taking place during a visa interview—what the consuls must determine, how they evaluate applicants, the information available to them and the red flags that signal trouble—can help maximize the likelihood of a positive consular decision and get the results you need for your clients and business.

Whether yours is a boutique immigration practice, a large multinational full-service firm with an immigration law unit, or a corporate practice that contracts out its immigration work, there will inevitably be clients whose individual visa cases defy easy resolution .  Here’s how I can help:

Case Analysis and Strategy: My expertise and contacts are available to you and your clients on a case specific or ongoing basis to help analyze the facts in such cases, develop effective strategies to overcome obstacles to visa issuance, and engage with government agencies to broker solutions.

Visa Processing Staff Training: I offer training for attorneys and support staff on all aspects of consular processing and visa adjudication, including the best methods of collecting and analyzing information on home ties and strategies for preparing clients for visa interviews with consular officials. My proven success with pre-briefing hundreds of visa applicants (over 95%) can help your practice reduce visa denials to an absolute minimum.

Client Pre-Briefs: I offer pre-interview briefings with your key clients to help them manage discussions of difficult or complex circumstances that can adversely impact their ability to qualify for visa issuance.


for Corporations

Employee Transfer Strategic Planning: I offer analysis of ongoing or potential problems with specific consular posts impacting movement of your employees and strategies for minimizing visa delays and denials.

Relocation Staff Training: I train personnel on key aspects of consular processing to ensure that employees being transferred to the U.S. are properly prepared for their visa interviews.

Pre and post visa interview briefing and analysis: I can pre-brief individuals in advance of visa interviews and offer an analysis of consular decisions.


for Individuals

Individual Business Immigration: Individuals seeking investment or other business opportunities in the US may qualify for a range of visa options. I will advise on the merits of the various alternatives and work with the client to develop and implement a bespoke successful strategy.

Tough Individual Cases: It is sometimes possible to unravel compound errors by either clients or consuls and achieve an equitable visa result. While I do not promise positive outcomes, I am gratified to have been able to turn around several seemingly hopeless previous cases. My approach is as follows: 1) frank and thorough assessment of the circumstances, 2) where advisable, discreet consultations concerning the correct approach, 3) careful case and client preparation, 4) If unsuccessful, alternative plan preparation.

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