Business Immigration

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Strategic Planning:  Based on an analysis of the client’s specific circumstances, we offer recommendations for the most appropriate type of visa for the intended purpose and possible alternatives and strategies for minimizing visa delays and denials.

Pre and post visa interview briefing and analysis:  It can sometimes be difficult to understand what the consul is getting at by the questions posed in a visa interview.  In pre-interview consultations, we impart to clients an understanding of the consul’s point of view that often helps achieve and prompt and efficient resolution of the application.  Similarly, in more complicated situations, we can offer a post-interview analysis that informs what next steps might be available.

E, B and L Visas:  There are many different types of visas that permit holders to conduct business in the US.  With many years experience we are well qualified to advise when a client’s purposes can be accomplished with a B-1 business visa.  For clients who plan to trade or invest in the United States, we can prepare a persuasive application for an E visa and prepare the client for the detailed consular review.  We advise what documents will best support the case and assist in preparing the extensive documentary requirements to demonstrate visa eligibility.   We also assist employers seeking to transfer key employees to a U.S. office, first by submitting a solid, well documented L-129 petition to  the Department of Homeland Security,  and subsequently,  by preparing the employee for a successful L visa interview.